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Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC government contract compliance experts are ready to help you operate and succeed in a complex and highly regulated government environment.

​Government contractors operate in a complex and highly regulated environment. Our team will assist you in navigating/teaching you the critical elements of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance requirements from professional(s) with over 12+ years, of DCAA experience in the industry. Our firm brings a wealth of real-world government contracting experience and will make the complex world of DCAA compliance easier to navigate and increase your success rate(s) with executing your government contracts by avoiding common mistakes that can put your contract(s) at risk.

With our firm’s 12+ years, of DCAA experience/knowledge our Team provides DCAA compliance accounting services that help you navigate the federal government requirements related to contractor accounting systems and practices.  Our Team has the technical expertise and industry knowledge required to provide a full range of accounting support. Additionally, our firm focuses on clients ranging from the smallest start-ups, to established government contractors, to large commercial companies entering the government market for the first time.  Whether you need a little guidance, a comprehensive review, or ongoing support – we’ll provide the tools, policies, software and expertise to make your compliance easier, more cost-efficient and reliable.


Our team of experienced government contract professional(s) can successfully guide clients through the numerous unique government contract requirements, due to our 12+ years of government contracting experience. Whether you need DCAA compliant business and accounting systems, pricing, audit support, training or general Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) expertise, our firm is the one-stop shop for all of your compliance requirements.


​Our goal is to develop accounting systems that are easy to use, comply with federal requirements, and effectively support our clients' business objectives. According to your company's specific needs, our accounting/contracting expert(s) can provide the following services:

Pre-Contract Award DCAA Audit (Accounting System Review)

  • Conduct SF 1408-based Contractor Accounting System Reviews to determine "adequacy" of the accounting system for government work

  • Provide "3rd party" certifications as to the adequacy of subcontractor accounting systems

  • Interface with DCAA during formal SF 1408 accounting system reviews

  • Optimize commercial off-the-shelf accounting software products to meet government cost accounting requirements

  • Develop an acceptable chart of accounts for cost accumulation


Post-Contract Award DCAA Audits

  • Design an indirect cost structure and calculate indirect rates

    • Indirect cost rate forecasting allows your company to calculate your indirect rates in order to correctly establish billing indirect rates as well as establishing Indirect Rates for contracts you are bidding on.

    • Indirect cost structure for Pre-Award audits, Annual Indirect Cost Rate negotiations, and establishing a Safe Harbor Indirect Rate. This allows you to know exactly what indirect rates you should be using for invoicing billing rates and pricing future costs proposals.

  • Assist with budget development

    • Forward Pricing Rates for firm fixed priced proposals. Our forward pricing rate will estimate indirect rates for a firm fixed price proposal (for the period of performance of your contract). The DCAA will ask for this when evaluating the rates included on the cost proposal. Our budget extends 5-10 years of estimating calculations.

  • Prepare/review incurred cost submissions

    • Incurred cost schedules are required to be submitted to the government 6 months after the end of the contractor's fiscal year for cost reimbursable type and time & material contracts.

    • Our Team will prepare or review your annual year end Incurred Cost Proposal (ICE) to ensure that your claim is submitted properly and is considered adequate by the DCAA.

      • Preparation/adequacy of each schedule

      • Determination of Cost over/under run of each cost type contract/grant

      • Review of the accuracy of your fiscal year close

      • Audit/classification of allowable/unallowable costs

      • Actual indirect rate calculation

      • Cost Management Reports/Job Cost adjustment to actual indirect rates

      • Contract Briefs


Other Government Accounting Services

  • Review accounting manual

  • Establish adequate policies and procedures

  • Perform unallowable cost review

  • Review, analyze and advise on billing and timekeeping systems

  • Address issues related to CAS (cost accounting standards) and develop disclosure statements

  • Assist with resolution of government audits and compliance issues


Audit Support

​Government audits can be stressful, if not downright scary. Once a government contractor begins its performance on the contract, DCAA intervention begins and your business will have the following audits until the contract performance is complete:

  • Indirect Rate Audits

  • Voucher Audits

  • Labor Floor Checks

  • DCAA Incurred Cost Audits (DCAA ICE Audits)

  • Client Perspective

Whether the government is auditing your cost proposal, your incurred cost submission, your accounting system, or simply questioning costs on an invoice, our firm has the expertise and experience to manage the audit and optimize the outcome.

Government Proposals

​Government proposals are sophisticated and require experience and knowledge to successfully prepare. A proposal that misses one or more of the explicit or implicit requirements will most likely be unsuccessful and could conceivably place the contractor in a position of non-compliance with a variety of rules and regulations. Our expert(s) have extensive experience in all aspects of proposal development as reflected in the specific services we offer:​

  • Solicitation Review and Assessment of Requirements and Risks

  • Strategy and Tactics

  • Proposal Management

  • Development of Requirements, Compliance Matrices, Volume Outlines

  • Preparation of Subcontractor RFPs

  • Pricing Support

  • Cost Proposal Volume Preparation

  • "Red Team" Reviews


Contract Administration


​We offer contracts administration support, from complete outsourcing to case-by-case assistance. Our contract administration specialists can:​

  • Review contracts and subcontracts for administrative and regulatory requirements

  • Prepare contract briefs

  • Establish and maintain contract and subcontract files

  • Develop contract policies and procedures

  • Negotiate with contracting officers and prime Contractors

  • Provide (FAR) interpretation and guidance

  • Prepare issue oriented position papers and correspondence

  • Novate contracts

  • Prepare contract closeout final invoices



​Employee training is a key component of any compliance program. Our firm provides training on various compliance accounting services that help you navigate the federal government requirements related to contractor accounting systems and practices related to government contracting

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