Practice Areas



Hilda Hanson, CPA, LLC  examines your specific goals and then develops strategies to minimize tax costs to your company while staying in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Once we have determined your tax needs, we will perform the functions of completing the necessary federal and state income tax returns, include:

  • State and Local Tax

  • International Tax

  • Credit/Incentives

  • Compliance

  • Strategic Planning



At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC we utilize QuickBooks in providing our clients with full service payroll to manage only a portion of their back office to run payroll and file taxes.  This allows our clients to only outsource their payroll function, which our payroll experts will get thier employees paid on time and keep them compliant with all payroll filings. 



At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC we can work with your existing team of attorneys, financial planners, bankers, insurance agents, and other professional advisors, or we can assist you in assembling the team.

Regardless of your size, industry or growth stage, our team functions as an outside business partner and a strategic business advisor in implementing/executing your strategic plan.  



At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC we utilize QuickBooks accounting software in providing our clients high quality bookkeeping services.  We believe the success of our business clients is their ability to utilized current, accurate and reliable information to make informed, strategic, results-oriented business decisions. To do this we help our clients with the collection of timely, accurate and relevant financial data to ensure their business success. It requires an effective accounting and business management system to capture/provide the financial data needed to ensure our clients have the financial data needed to assist in their decision making process.



At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC we provide various venues to learn the critical elements of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance requirements from professional(s) with over 12+ years of actual DCAA experience/knowledge in the federal contracting industry.

We bring a wealth of a real-world government contracting experience and proven instruction methodologies. And we want our clients to succeed by leveraging our federal government contracting and DCAA experience.


Our training will help our clients avoid common mistakes that can put their contract(s) at risk. We’ve conducted/managed various types of successful DCAA audits, and can help you do the same.

Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC is a New Mexico based small business and is a self-certified women own small business (WOSB).  Founded in 2017, Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC provides strategic management, government and commercial project-related services.  Our mission is to be the preferred provider of technical, project, and operational support services to our customers using responsive solutions to create value/exceed expectations.

Government Contracting

At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC with our 12+ years, of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) experience/knowledge we focus at looking through an independent and fact-based lens at your government contracting business to enhance the nature of your business lines through interconnected, cohesive, complementary solutions that work together for your success.

Government contractors, are subjected to unique federal compliance business needs.  To address these needs, our DCAA/government contracting accounting expert(s) will work with you to bring a wealth of real-world government contracting experience together with critical services and strategies to create an environment that will foster business success and increase your bottom line.