At Hilda Hanson, CPA LLC we provide various venues to learn the critical elements of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance from professional(s) with over 12+ years of  actual DCAA experience/knowledge in the industry.

We bring a wealth of a real-world government contracting experience and proven instruction methodologies. And we want our clients to succeed by leveraging our federal government and DCAA experience.  This will result in our clients avoiding common mistakes that can put their contract(s) at risk. We’ve conducted/managed various types of DCAA audits, and can help you do the same with the following DCAA audits:

Pre-Contract Audits

  • Pre-Award

  • Cost Proposal

  • Indirect Rate Proposal

  • Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate

  • Forward Pricing Rate

  • Financial Capability Audit


Performance Period Audits

  • Voucher Audit

  • Labor Floor Check Audit

  • Post Accounting Award Audit

  • Fiscal Year Indirect Rate Proposal Audit

  • Incurred Cost Proposal Audit